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Calmini 4x4 spacer on "Off Road" 4X (05), UCA cont

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Wondering about the Calmini front spacers on a Off Road Edition (05).
Has anybody installed their 4x4 spacers on this model?
They say they have 2 sizes of spacers and the 4x4 spacer does not give as much lift, I was told that it gives ~1.3/8" of lift.

Does anybody have experience with this setup and does the UCA hit on when the wheel drops?

I was told today by Calmini that it does not. I would like to verify.


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With the corerect spacers the UCA should not hit but if you get the 4x2 spacers and put them on a 4x4, it will hit.
Speaking from MY personal experience...they hit. I have a 05 OR model and ordered the 4x4 spacers and my UCA was hitting in certain situations. Not ALL the time, but it was happening enough to make the purchase of the Total Chaos UCAs. After a bit of those, I just made the jump to the Radflo Coilovers and they are infinitely better then what I was experiencing with the spacers.
thought I'd chime in on this too.

i just installed the 4x4 calmini spacers on my 05 and it ALWAYS hits whenever i go over any street hump. i'm imagining that'll hit even harder once i start hitting the rocky trails here. i think i'll end up going the way of Erick... TC UCA's and maybe Radflo Coilovers???

BTW Erick, how did the TC UCAs feel along with just the Calmini spacers? Fairly adequate or should I just make the jump to the Radflos?
i got the spacers off eric.....they hit....on the street its fine, as long as you dont go "urban offroading" you should be fine.....offroad/going over rocks....they hit
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