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Cali wheeling PART II

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OK.. so the lead X ended up getting stuck in a 1.5 feet deep snow drift. This is in the clouds as well, at least five miles up the trail. Upon getting second X stuck, we decided to try to winch it out. Got X #2 out, but broke the strap while freeing X #1. Decided to come down the mountain to get another tow strap.. gate was LOCKED!! There were sledders on the other side of the gate, one have two straps.. we purchased those from him.. and he was going to try to find the park ranger to get the gate unlocked! We decided to head back up to free the X. Now, it is dark, in the clouds..actually could not drive with the headlights on.. was like extremely thick fog!(SEE PIC) After 2 hours of winching and digging with shovels in the dark.. finally freed her, had to turn her around by backing up and forth 20 times in one spot.. and gun it to get back across the deep snow. Last part of the story, got back down to the end.. gate still locked.. no park ranger.. now it is 11ish.. called 911 to come cut the lock. Funny thing is .. the way up, there was no gate!! What an adventure....

This is with the lights on.. that was clouds moving across!!

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One crazy adventure! Glad you got out OK, and you're lucky to have had cell service.
The locked gate is one reason I have a hacksaw in my toolbox (the lock cutters are too bulky) as I have had that happen to me also.
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