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Bucket Boss Utility Gear

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Bucket Boss Pro GateMouth Utility Bag ~ $35
Constructed from cordura and heavy-duty nylon, the Pro GateMouth Utility Bag is large enough to hold your recovery gear, field clothing, and field tool sets. Exterior pockets hold smaller recovery items like shackles and gloves. Numerous interior pockets can be used to organize smaller items. The Pro Utility Bag also makes a superb tool organizer and will hold wrenches, ratchets, socket rails, as well as the Tool Rolls and Wrench Rolls shown below.

Bucket Boss Pro GateMouth Jr. Utility Bag ~ $27

Bucket Boss Tool & Cable Bag ~ $23

Bucket Boss Tool Roll ~ $15
The Tool Roll features 25 pockets of different widths, depths, and configurations to hold various hand tools and protect them against impact damage and clanging. Two cinch straps are adjustable for length and permit the user to make his Tool Roll as small or large as his tools will allow. The carry handle permits easy handling of heavy tools. Can be stored inside the Pro GateMouth Utility Bag, or Pro GateMouth Jr. Utility Bag.

Bucket Boss Wrench Roll ~ $15
The Wrench Roll features 14 pockets of different widths and depths to hold various hand tools like wrenches, ratchets, and extensions. When rolled closed, the Wrench Roll is secured with two ties, like the Tool Roll. (Shown with Snap-on Flank Drive Plus combination wrenches and 3/8" drive Comfort Handle Ratchet.)

These items can be purchased from many vendors, including
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I will personally vouch for Expedition Exchange. I bought many things for the Rover through them. Sure you may be able to find something a bit cheaper (not much) out there, but John and Ho have their sh*t locked down tight so I RARELY bought from anyone else.
I can't vouch for Expidition Exchange, but I can for the Bucket Boss brand. My company's field techs use that stuff and if they can't wear it out, you probably won't either.
Mosi said:
.....John and Ho have their sh*t locked down tight so I RARELY bought from anyone else.
Yeah, they're hugely anal about photographing every angle of every product they sell. Each product page has a detailed writeup on the quality of the material, suggested uses, sizes, colors, dimensions, you name it.

On these particular Bucket Boss items, I've done my homework and can't find them ANYWHERE for cheaper. That being said, I don't think protecting your tools should be left to a discount product anyway.
I have been looking for an inexpensive tool bag...those might fit the bill nicely.
Very interesting Syndicate - Nice setup...

There's only one thing : All your stuff is way too clean :poke: You have to hit the trail soon to take care of that :poke:

See Ya!
Lol, those are vendor pics. I'm too lazy to take 40 photos and then go post them. Plus, the vendor pics are way better.
I just saw this thread and would like to add to the durability of these tool bags. I've used mine for over a year now(strickly trail tools), and so far they shown no wear.

Laid Out

Inside Pro-Gate bag

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That's one hot set.
Which Craftsman's are those? They look like a titanium tint.
I can also vouch for Bucket Boss brand. When I turned 16, my mom and dad bought me the road bag. I am now 24. It still is in great shape. I used it as a tool bag also. I just bought the mug boss for my desk at work and a gator JR. I am filling it up with straps, wrenches, bungees, and whatever else I can fit in it.
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