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Brake pad replacements ?

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Hey there ALL, Merry Christmas !

I know it's not PC But it's how my family celebrates Christmas.

Now, to the topic;
Does anyone have some knowledge of wear factor on our disc brakes ?
Approx. how many miles ?
Now, we all know there are a bunch of variables but, I have 24k and was curious ?

Jim B
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Normally they last about 45 to 60K all depending on how you drive and them being mechanically sound. You are due to take a look and lube the guides with a special lube for that application, takes like 5 Min per wheel normally done on a rotation. This keeps them moving freely on the slider and lets them back off fully when you take your foot off the brake. If they bind up, they will wear fast and heat up your rotors and you will have a larger cost when you do change them out. There is a TSB on some models if you are getting a squeaking noise, warranty. MC
:clown: --Yo prod39--PC be damned--

-----------MERRY CHRISTMAS------------

-- :drunken: :drunken: --JIMBO
Hey Jimbo,
yep ! I agree Hope yours was a great one!

MC, Thanks for the input, I'll have to do the lube in about 5k. Bought my new hoops for Christmas.

Discount Tires offered $ 100.00 rebate and gave me a trade-in on the Long Trails. ( 1/16 from the wear-bar )
I, now have my 285/75/16 Goodyear Wrangler Silent Armors.
Merry Christmas to me !

Jim B
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