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Bottom line on lifts and wheels...

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All right fellas, wondering if someone could help me out. I got my 05 x a couple months ago. I want to lift and put on 33's. The only lift I have done was a four inch suspension on a k5 blazer, and the only things I had to do was 4 leaf springs, drop the t-case, new shocks, and that was about it....

Here's what I am after...Until someone eventually comes out with some serious lift components (that don't cost 3500 from slr) I just want to get the look and put 33's on. I am thinking of doing a simple 2 inch suspension lift, and adding a 3 inch body lift.

Could someone who has done this, or knows exactly what is involved, tell me EVERYTHING they did to make it all work? Do I need longer drive shafts, steering alignment afterwards, disconnect the sway bar, extend the brake lines, etc...?

Also, I am looking for simple black, steel wheels, don't care what size, to throw 33's on. Can anyone tell me what website to go to for that stuff. My internet searching leaves a little to be desired.

Sorry for the long post, I just want to get some straight answers...

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You can go to and get a SL from them. It's not all that expensive. You can throw some 33's under there without doing any kind of lift. Depending on the series tire that you have you either have 31's or 32's on there. Welcome to the club by the way.

If you run a BL you will probably have to run longer disco's. Not sure. I haven't done the BL yet. Nothing needs to be done with the driveshafts. You will need to get a alignment everytime that you mess with the suspension. You don't need to do one if you do the BL since you are not changing anything with the suspension.
And no one makes wheels unless you go with spacers.
Muzikman said:
And no one makes wheels unless you go with spacers.
As far as I know you are correct on that.
Bottom line on Lifts and wheels . .

When you look at the cost of black wheels and spacers, you will probably find that it is just as expensive as purchasing the wheels that I revealed in the thread "New Wheel Reality".

Not using spacers may be safer; certainly is cleaner and will minimize the protrusion of the wheels from the side of the body, thus minimizing the amount of mud and crap that the wheels will throw onto the body.
Find me those wheels you bought. No one seems to have them.
Discount Tire does have them, just not in stock. I called the local discount tire last night and they said they could get them. You can see them online. Just look under 16x8 wheels and the correct bolt pattern.
Hmm, Discount tire doesn't state they will fit the X.

Looks like we have the opposite problem does. They listed a wheel to fir the X that does not.
You could always buy one and do a test fit or if there's one close by then go there and do a test fit before you buy. If you have to buy one and it don't sell it might be cheaper to sell it on eBay then send it back to pay for S&H and the restocking fee.
The guy down at discount tire told me he could order them and try them no risk. This is the same guy I had put my tires on. As soon as I told him others did it and it worked he was ok with it...
Im a little slow. Does this mean there is 16x8 wheels that fit with out spacers or are we talking about rims with spacers?
Yeah thers a alum one from AR that fits w/o spacer but you have to use the spacers for the steely's because of the front calipers.
Grunzen said:
Yeah thers a alum one from AR that fits w/o spacer but you have to use the spacers for the steely's because of the front calipers.
From what I can find there are NO American Racing wheels that will fit (aluminum or steel).
Doesn't this thread Linky show a wheel that works?
Wonder if 16.5x8 will fit? 33x12.5 bfgs for that are cheaper then the 16x8 inch wheel.
RogueClimber said:
Doesn't this thread Linky show a wheel that works?
Yeah, those fit and those are the ones they are talking about. Those are not American Racing.
yeah my bad,Muzikman is right I'm getting senile in my old age.
Thanks for the replies...

First...longer disco's? What're you talking about (not down with the lingo yet).

Second, I know it's easy enough to do a 2" SL or a 3" BL, but what about them in conjunction? Are there additional problems that arise from this?

I am going to start ordering parts next week anyway, and start messing around with all of it. I would love hearing from someone who has done this, and can tell me what to look out for...

Maybe I will just have to be the guinea pig...


Thanks for the welcome, if anyone wants to go wheeling in AK, let me know!
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BoonBox is the only one I know of with a BL for the new X's. Adding a 3" BL on top of the 2-2.5" SL will not have any ill effect except maybe increased body roll.

The only problem I have with the 3" BL is the fact that the frame will stick out a bunch. I would also not want to relocate my Shrock bumper, there for I would have a huge gap between the bumper and the body. With the stock bumper this wouldn't be a problem.
No sure what dan meant by longer disco's. Maybe sway bar connections. I am certain you will have to extend the brake lines and ABS wiring.

There is one guy who is running the BL and 2.5"SL from AC. He is the AC test truck. I also think he is running 34's.
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