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both front windows rattling, driving me crazy!

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The driver's front window has been rattling for over a month now. Last night the passenger's front window started it too. It rattles at the very top of the window. To make it go away, you have to find the "sweet spot" which is somewhere between all the way up and down some, but not so far down that the wind whistles.

Anybody else having this problem? If so, what was the fix?

I'm due in to the dealer shortly to get the wiring harness fixed anyway, so I'll have them look at it then. But in the meantime it sucks!
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I had the same issue. I took it back to the dealer and they replaced the motor that opens and closes the window. Thats all, and it totaly fixed the problem. Screw the weather strippinga nd all that other stuff, its not really fixing whats broken!
Mine did the rattle when it was brand new. The dealership replaced the window motor, issue solved.
My trucks been perfect for years. No window issue since they fixed it.
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