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both front windows rattling, driving me crazy!

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The driver's front window has been rattling for over a month now. Last night the passenger's front window started it too. It rattles at the very top of the window. To make it go away, you have to find the "sweet spot" which is somewhere between all the way up and down some, but not so far down that the wind whistles.

Anybody else having this problem? If so, what was the fix?

I'm due in to the dealer shortly to get the wiring harness fixed anyway, so I'll have them look at it then. But in the meantime it sucks!
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same here, and its annoying. even opening the door can cause the creaking from the window. sad sad for a new X.
OK ive nearly gone nuts over finding my rattles, they are not the normal rattles where you can pinpoint it easily and just push on something to fix it. Ive had my door pannels off, siliconed all plugs, brackets, anything that could possibly buzz/rattle. Took the glove box out, did the same in there, took the A pillar off, zip tied and siliconed more stuff...ive been doing this for 5 days now. Oh, and I did the TSB on the window regulators...the problem is not from there.

Ultimately Im making progress, finally, and the problem is from the window and door rubber seals. Just push on them and you will know what I mean, the sound is nearly identical to what I hear when i drive. Ive been siliconing those as well now and the sound is nearly gone. There are little plastic clips that help hold the rubber strips around the door/window area, these can cause a rattle as well. Im making progress, but its still not quite there as Ill hear it here and there. These rattles are hard to ignore because the rest of the car is so quiet, and you hear a glass type rattle which is much more distinguished from the typical ones...anyways, if U dont see me post anymore, its probably because Ive gone through 20 tubes of silicone and decided to trade the car in. :geek:
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Allahades said:
My driver's side window rattled when partially rolled down from the day I bought it (didn't think to check that during the test drive...doh!)

First my dealer replaced the rubber molding around the window, but that didn't help. Next they replaced the window regulator, and while that didn't fix the rattling, it got rid of the creaking the window made when rolling up or down (If your window creaks, make them replace and lube the regulator).

I ended up buying some thin weatherstripping and stuffing it into the space between the metal doorframe and the rubber molding. I had to experiment a bit-- I tried a thicker weatherstripping at first, but on hot days it expanded and I could hear the window motor straining. Didn't want that, so I went with a thinner weatherstripping and now the rattling is only noticeable on very rough dirt roads.

It was frustrating to have to come up with a home-brew solution to a problem like this on a brand new vehicle, but the weatherstripping did finally work for me. Before that it was driving me crazy!
Sounds like what I finally figured out on mine, but ive been trying with silicone to seal the metal off from the weathershrip. Are you talking about the thick rubber that is easily pulled from the car frame? (runs from the kickpannel all the way around the car frame and back down to the latch area?) Or the window trim that the window slides in and out of that is attached to the door frame itself?

Also what kind of weatherstripping are you talking about? more details on that please and if you placed it on both sides of the metal? or just the inside area?. thanks
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