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Body Lift options

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I'm looking to get a body lift. I checked AC's website (sorry MC) and they only list a 3inch BL for the 05 X. I've read somewhere that a 3inch BL requires extending the steering and brake lines and the such, whereas a 2inch BL is very easy and doesn't require any of that.

My questions:
1. Who else sells body lifts?

2. Is it true that a 3inch BL is much harder than a 2inch?

3. Does AC sell a 2inch BL that just isn't listed on their site?
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the only thing you have to extend is the steering. But the send you the extension and only takes about 5 mins to get it in there. Ive got the BL on my 05 fronty and love it. Took about 7 hours in a camp ground field to get on.
actually ACs instructions on this are like 8 pages long with pictures at every step. They work very well. This kit is all of AC they dont resell it from someother company
1 - 2 of 12 Posts
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