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Body Lift options

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I'm looking to get a body lift. I checked AC's website (sorry MC) and they only list a 3inch BL for the 05 X. I've read somewhere that a 3inch BL requires extending the steering and brake lines and the such, whereas a 2inch BL is very easy and doesn't require any of that.

My questions:
1. Who else sells body lifts?

2. Is it true that a 3inch BL is much harder than a 2inch?

3. Does AC sell a 2inch BL that just isn't listed on their site?
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stevet47 said:
4crawler will make you a custom bodylift if you want something less than 3". They use UHMWP blocks and grade8 bolts....much higher quality than the bodylift that AC sells, which is made by Performance Accessories (PA)

By the way...he doesnt charge you anymore for the custom machine work, and I beleive it will end up being cheaper than the one AC sells anyway.
Wow man, that UHMWP isn't cheap. I can't believe they sell that stuff for so cheap. My company makes artificial discs for the human spine with UHMWP and they cost about 22,000 a pop.
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