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Username: boardin_an_biking
Year: 2010
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: Offroad
Colour: Knight Armour
- JVC double din head unit
- 2 Rockford P2 10" subs with Rockford amp (not always installed due to lack of space on trips)
- Bullydog GT tuner
- Interior lighting has been changed to LED
- Raingler large roof net
- 2 Raingler head rest grab handles
- Weathertec floor liners front/rear/cargo
- Snorkel with a K&N drop in filter
- 2" Body lift from Jersey Parts
- 2 Yakima Anklebiter bike racks on the roofrack
- 2 Raingler roofrack grab handles
- LED tail lights tinted with VHT nightshades
- Black tail light gaurds
- All emblems stealthed with Plastidip
- Grill from a 2005-08 model
- A few New X stickers
*Wheels and Tires
- Stock Offroad wheels stealthed with Plastidip for now
- 285/75/16 Goodyear Duratracs x 5
- Stock steel spare wheel
- Tread lightly spare tire cover from rugged ridge
- 1.5" wheel adapters/spacers
- SPC UCA with ground down coil bucket
- 2.5" Top mount coil spacers (unknown brand)
- Longer shackles (same unknown brand)
- Radflo 2.5 600lb (waiting to be installed until I decide what I'm going to do in the rear)
- Shrockworks front bumper with hoops
- Shrockworks rear bumper with tire carrier/high lift mount
- Shrockworks sliders
- Shrockworks full skids except the rear diff skid
- Titan 12K winch with synthetic line and wireless remote
- Hitch mounted clevis
- 4 clevis' - 2 on front shrock 2 on the rear shrock
- 48" HiLift
- ARB Recovery strap - 30Ft long - 17,500LB - 2 3/8"
- Princess Auto recovery strap
- Princess Auto tree saver
*Other stuff in the X
- Binoculars (cheap)
- Coveralls
- Trasharoo bag
- Boots
- Roadside kit
- Screens for windows
- Black out curtains
- Air mattress and 12V pump
- Blanket
- A few different sized flashlights
- Hatchet
- Gloves
- Winter work gear
- I bought my Xterra in August of 2010 and have always been one that can't just drive a vehicle the way it is. By November my Xterra had already had a spacer/shackle lift installed and since then this site has been the cause and source for many wasted wages since then but it has all been worth every penny.
In Panorama the week after I bought the X

In Banff

McLean Creek

The A.X.E. Group

How it looks today

More to come!!

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Thanks guys, we rode a bus just like the one in the picture onto a glacier on the Ice Fields Parkway. It was a little pricey but was so worth it, while we were walking on the glacier an avalanche happened on the mountain next to us so it was definitely a cool stop on the beautiful drive.
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