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Intro Comments: Well it started as a vehicle that could get me and all me gear from place to place. Then the MOD bug bit and infected me! This is my expedition vehicle, it gets me onto roads less traveled and away from the everyday life. And it kicks ASS!

Blain's "BFX" Ol' Painless

Make: -Nissan
Year: -2007
Model: -Xterra!
Trim: -X
Color: -Avalanche White

Progression over the last 4 years of ECXC. Same trail;

August 2013 TOTM!!!

February 2011 TOTM!!

September 2010 TOTM!

Photo by Line-Of-Fire


TOYO M/T 285/75/16
Firestone Destination A/T's 265/70/16
PRG 2" Add-A-Leaf
Radflo 2.0 Coilovers
Rear Radflos
SS Brake lines
Nisstec UCA's
Nisstec Adjustable Rear Shackles
1.5 Wheel Spacers
Stealthed Wheels
Tire repair kit

Exterior and Armor:
GOBI Ranger Rack
GOBI Ladder
Stock fog lights
PIAA 520 up front (4) With Xoskel Glare Shields
PIAA 510 moved to the bumper
ALIEN 20" Light bar
Storage box for Roof Racks
Deflecta Shield Aluminum Storage Box
GOBI compatible "WETBOX" AKA Pirate Treasure Chest.
Quick Fist mounts (6)
Shrockworks Front bumper/Rad skid w/Carriage bolts. Custom Rivet paint job
Shrockworks Sliders
Shrockworks Rear Diff. Cover painted white w/Monster logo
Custom Rear Recovery Mounts
Raingler MCN Universal Net
Raingler Nets
Stealthed Tail light Guards-OD Green
SKULL!!! Has been passed onto Mr. SUCKAFISH
Airflow Snorkel (painted logo's) Square intake head
Bedlined Rocker Panels, and lower doors.
Custom painted hood/bumper. Aircraft style: A-10
Poison Spyder JK Hood Louver Kit

Recovery Gear/Essentials:
Shovel & Pick
Fiskars: Chopping/Splitting Axe + Sharpener
Tow Straps (2)
Tree Saver (2)
Hi-Lift jack & Wheel Lift
Misc. Chains
Extra shackles
Fenix Headlamp 225 lumens
Extra batteries, emergency rations, shelter/fire starting supplies.
(2) 5 gallon fuel cans
Fuel Siphon w/Filter & Extension
Bad Ass pocket chain saw!

Interior Rack/Pelican case storage
LOBO Shelf (Buckles instead of carabiners, so much better!)
First Aid kit/Trauma bag/E&E Gear
Camping Box, Truck Box.
JL Audio Stealth Box
CB Radio, handset, PA speaker, 3ft. Firestick II (white)
LED light in back
Mcmaster-Carr rear hatch struts 175Lb.
Rear Hatch Thread
Longer straps for rear hatch. First Aid kit area
Raingler Footman's loops-used for mounting MOLLE pouches.
WeatherTech floor liners (fronts only)
(2) A-pillar Rock lights
LED Snorkel, Grill, and Wheel Well (Rock) lights.

Everything that can be stealthed, has been stealthed!

Rear Sway Bar
Step Rails
Mud Flaps
Stock Roof Rack
Brush Guard
No more chrome!

Future Mods/Wish list:
Modified Shrock. Bars/Lights
Custom rear Bumper. Something cool.
Skid Plates
PRG 4WD suspension package OR
Titan Swap
Loud Freaking Horn!!
Herculined Roof
Side panels on GOBI
Modify existing rock lights.

First ever mods:
Through the bumperCustom Rear Recovery Mounts
Longer straps for rear hatch. First Aid kit area
Quick Fist mounting on rear hatch-interior
Painted Honey comb grill
LED Snorkel light
Rock Lights



Thanks to: MDPhotos, Line-of-Fire for some of the awesome photos!

Links: Storage on Sub-

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Nice rig

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Damn I am behind on mods!!! The rig looks good man!

what white grill??? All I see is mud! Which is how it should look all the time!

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Nice setup.
Like the custom rear recovery.
I came across that storage box online, and almost pulled the trigger. Gonna have to now after seeing it on yours.
How do you like the ladder on the left? I got that too, but am thinking of moving it to the right (the wiper is often in the way).

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Thanks guys! I love the way it looks with out the brush guard on it. Updated first post with the lift and the painted grill. Just have to take it off road and get some nice field shots.

The box works great! I keep all my recovery gear in there, 2 tow straps, 2 tree savers, Hi-Lift base, Wheel-Mate for hi-lift, towels, chains and extra shackles.

I like the ladder on the left, I just have to be careful climbing up it because of the rear wiper. You going to just move the ladder over? Or buy a new one for the right side?

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Lookin sharp mano. Gonna have to see it in person Saturday, so try not to get the [email protected] thing too muddy prior to my arrival. (fat chance huh) lol
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