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Intro Comments: Bought my Xterra about June 2017, within a year I started this build/mod thread.

Adding items as time/money allows.

This whole thing is a learning curve for me, so I'm building a knowledge database.

Username: BlackbirdSR71

Make: Nissan
Year: 2012
Model: Xterra
Trim: S
Color: Night Armor



OME leaf springs.
5100 Bilstein rear shocks.
Mud flaps (removed).
Step rails (removed).
Differential Breather Mod; Offroad Gorilla.
Durago rotors and Cenric brake pads (front).
Wagner rotors and Raybestos brake pads (rear).
Timbren bumpstops, (rear) - Timbren JRC01.
1" Nisstec Spacer w/ extended studs.
Nisstec 2.0 Radflo extended travel coilovers @ 650# ordered 8/10/18 delivered 10/30/18 - Installed 12/2/2018.
Greaseable SPC Upper Control Arms - ordered 8/10/18 delivered 10/30/18 - Installed 12/2/2018.
Sway bar removal 12/2/2018.
Coil bucket trim 12/2/2018 then more 2/18/19.
Melt modification 2/7/19.
Mickey Thompson Baja ATZ P3 285/75/R16 ( x5) ordered 1/30/19 , installed 2/8/19.
Lower control arms w/ adjustable cam bolts 2/18/19.
New CV axle - passenger side 2/18/19.
Replaced leaking UCA boot 2/18/19.
Volant cold air intake 12740 Sport Compact Warehouse (ordered 1/30/20 installed 2/15/20).

Recovery / Armor:
ARB 30' snatch strap
2 Shackles - Rhino - front
Dezert Runner Offroad front recovery points - ordered 2/9/19, installed 3/8/19
Hitch w/ recovery shackle- delivered 3/15/19, installed 3/25/19
Shrockworks fuel tank plate - ordered 3/16/19 delivered 3/27/19 installed 3/30/19
Installed Shrockworks sliders - ordered 3/8 delivered 5/15 - installed 5/18/19

Current: Ordered/ not yet installed :
PRG U-Bolt Flip kit w/ bash plate - ordered 2/2/19 - delivered 2/09/19
PRG Rear shackles -red - ordered 2/2/19 - delivered 2/22/19
R180 front assembly- geared to 3.69 - courtesy of Eric - 2/24/19

Fluids/ typical service
Mobil 1 Synthetic 5w-30 and filter : 1/26/19, 10/5/19
Rear differential C200 drain and fill - Valvoline synthetic blend 80W-90: 1/28/19
Iridium Spark plugs x 6 : 1/27/19
Alignment 2/20/19, 9/21/19


Differential cover
Bumper w/Tire Carrier - Dave @maXTERRA
Gas Strut Hood Mod
M226 w/ air locker - geared at 3.69
Radiator armor
SS Extended brake lines
Radflo 2.0 Remote res rear shock - rebuild-able.


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The OEM axle breather valve was stuck open ( yikes!) and was pretty filthy - see photos- but came off without too much wrenching.

The replacement breather kit from Offroad Gorilla was flawless.
Borrowing direct from other members mods - I routed the end of the 7' hose up into the passenger
side brake light, curved it upside down- and capped with the supplied fuel filter.
I didn't know how much room was behind that brake light, but it's cavernous in there.


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you don't need to put all of the pieces on your rig.
this was albatrosscafe's install, with to much spacer and not enough articulation.

your pieces look a little different.

Take the spacer plate(s) out in the rear .
it just kills articulation up and serves no purpose since the Timbrens are there.

Like this

NOT like this

Between those 2 spacer plates you are probably losing at least an inch.

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Hey Chris - ok, yes I see the additional spacer in those photos. My kit does't have that. You're saying I wouldn't need it, yeah ?Here's a pic as they lie on my kitchen table. Albatross mentioned the additional washer deep down inside the bumpstop itself - should help it become snug.


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Scratch that! Not sure what I was thinking. With longer shocks you'd crush them if you ever bottomed out both sides at the same time....
That's actually a picture of my rig lol

I'm not sure how much the Timbrens actually compress. I assume they compress more than the picture on the right shows. You can see how close my 4" lift Radflo is already to bottoming out. Maybe on slow speeds will compress only a little more than that, but on high-speed whoops I'm worried I will bottom out and crush my shock without the spacer. I need to build an RTI ramp in my yard so I can test this better. Someone also needs to put those Timbrens in a press to find out the true height of them at max compression so we can compare them to OEM bumpstops.

In the case of @BlackbirdSR71, he does not need the spacer (which is a 1" spacer from Nisstec - unrelated to the Timbren kit) because he has shorter rear shocks and less lift.

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Install went easy. Some serious rusty bolts... but nothing snapped. PB Blaster once again saved my bacon. And is now swapped.

I dremel'd the rusty spots for 15 min, then hit it with some rustoleum clear gloss spray paint.
It'll do until I can hit this w/ some flat black paint.

It's funny to have your 11 y/o telling you to put on your safety glasses.
"Thanks, kid for looking out for your dads vision."


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I'm done with all the surface rust under my Xterra.
I'll just chalk it up to my OCD - but I bought one of these for my grinder today at Horrible Freight.
My job @ Fluke Electronics requires an attention to detail on our calibrators before it ships out the door.
So yeah - this fits right in with my personality.


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