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black tailights...

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on e-bay..really good quality for a change...

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Your sig says 3"s/l 255/85/16 bfg"s KnN 16x8 pro-comp"s. When does all that get installed?
The pro comp problem blew that. .shackles come tommorrow,and now have switched back and forth on tires since our talk! Thought my mind was made up.. The KnN and front spacers are in.... Forgot to change it !
Well, either way, I still want to see more photos when you get those tires on. I almost bought those exact lights btw.
Those are the same lights I'm going to convert to LED, can you show pics of them lit up and such? I'd like to throw them on there for the meantime with some red bulbs in them but I don't want to get reamed by the piggies...
I'd love to see how those look on a Granite or Black X. If they matched up nicely, it would be tempting...If anyone has a Granite color X and puts those on, post some pics of it!

Then of course I just convinced my wife to let me spend a grand on a new from bumper, maybe I should hold off for a bit.
erick if you search I posted some pics on my black x of these same tails
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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