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Pictures and more details to follow... but this was originally Yellow07's Xterra (build thread here: Yellow07s' Yellow Short Bus Mall Crawler). Someone in PA bought it from him and I just bought it from that guy and had it shipped here to MT. We already had a Yellow '08, but it was pretty much stock. With crazy 4x4 prices around here I was able to sell it for a bit more than I paid for this one. I'm pretty sure the following list is accurate, but I'll update it as we go through the truck.

Year: 2007
Trim: S 4x4
Color: Solar Yellow


Nissan Xterra Waterproof Seat Covers
Weathertech Rubber Floor Mats
Kenwood DNX571HD in-dash Nav/DVD system
Cobra WX75ST CB Radio
Wilson 4' Flex Antenna

PRG 1.5 Spacer
Bilstein Adjustable Shocks
PRG AAL 1 Leaf
PRG U-Bolt Flip kit
PRG Rear Shackles
Rear Diff Breather Mod
Bilstein Rear shocks 3-5
285/75/16 General Grabber AT2's on Level 8 Guardian wheels

Black 2009+ Style Headlights
PIAA 520 ATP's on the bumper
Painted some plastics Black
Shrockworks Rear Bumper with Tire Carrier
Shrockworks Diff Skid
White Knuckle Offroad Sliders
Gobi Ranger Roof Rack
PIAA 510 ATP and SMR on Gobi Rack
Gobi Rear Ladder
Volant Cold Air Intake with AEM dry filter
Doug Thorley Shorty Headers
Dynomax Cat-Back exhaust

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Here's the initial condition / breakdown of our latest addition. I always expect issues that need extra $$. And my kids can turn a wrench, so free labor goes a long way. Here's what we've done to get her back to "like new" condition.
  • Exhaust: The flanges / gaskets on near both manifolds were leaking... a lot. On the first few drives it sometimes sounded like a V8 and other times it sounded like a buzzy teenager-modded Honda... or as my kids described it "a fart pipe". Took it to my exhaust guy and he had it fixed in no time for next to nothing.
  • Aftermarket Radio: This was a puzzler for moment because it would not even turn on. Checked all the fuses and finally found out that model has a problem with one of the circuit boards. Fortunately radios are really easy to remove from Xterras so I popped it out, reflowed the solder on the bad PCB, and now it's like new. It will be replaced at some point with a newer model with Android Auto / Apple Car Play and a backup camera. Cost: 20 minutes of head scratching and 30 minutes of labor.
  • Interior: Really great shape overall, but the we are removing/cleaning the seat covers and detailing the inside (shampoo, steam, the works...). Cost: Free child labor
  • Brakes: They were soft, even for an Xterra, and I could hear some grinding. Replaced all the pads & rotors. One brake caliper bracket was really rusty so I replaced that too. Cost: around $350 in parts.
  • Engine: Runs great overall, but there is a tiny bit of belt noise and the beginnings of some timing chain whine. Nothing urgent, but we might change the belt sooner than later. The chain should be good for quite a while.
  • Rust: The body looks excellent, and there's some rust on the undercarriage. It's in pretty good shape for an east coast truck, but when we have some time we'll have our guy sandblast the sliders and bedline them. We'll throw some POR15 on the rusty bits underneath before winter sets in.
  • Gas cap: Replaced the locking gas cap with a non-locking cap. It didn't have a key and you can just muscle them open anyway.
There are a few electrical oddities that I'll dig into at some point. Three of the four roof lights don't turn on. Should be a simple fix (new bulbs or a broken connection). The bumper flood/fog lights don't work either. Not a big deal, and it'll just take some time to trace it. But for now we'll enjoy some wheeling before it gets too cold out.

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Turns out the bumper fog lights work fine. Chalk that up to user error. I could swear we tried the switch while the headlights were on, but apparently we didn't.

One of the previous owners installed a CB antenna on the rear bumper and wired it up to a Cobra 75WXST handset upfront. But the mic/handset was nowhere to be found, so I found a used one and installed it. TBH, CB's aren't much better than than a good FRS (and sometimes worse), but the boys have too much fun talking into the CBs!
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