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Best way to Contact NissTec Lifts

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Does anyone have any suggestions to contact NissTec Lifts because I placed an order Friday February 17th and I tryed calling to see how my order is going but no one picks up. Does anyone have a solution, I want the stuff that I ordered but it seems like alot of people have trouble with them.
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Ya I called them over 20 times with then 3 days, but today I got a hold of them. They said everything in my order is ready except one thing which is the radflo 2.5 coilovers that can take 6 to 18 weeks to get to them. I'm hoping it will be less then 6 weeks.
FYI, Nisstec has ZERO control over how long Radflo's take, just like any other distributor, unless they have a set on the shelf to the spec that you want them in (very unlikely). Radflo lead times vary depending on their order backup and also on availability of springs from Eibach. So if there's a backlog from Eibach, it trickles down. Expecting your Radflo's in 6 weeks is a pipe dream, no matter where you order them from. If you want your Radlfo's right now, you should have ordered them a couple months ago, have a little patience.
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