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Best way to Contact NissTec Lifts

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Does anyone have any suggestions to contact NissTec Lifts because I placed an order Friday February 17th and I tryed calling to see how my order is going but no one picks up. Does anyone have a solution, I want the stuff that I ordered but it seems like alot of people have trouble with them.
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if you're looking to get your parts in a reasonable amount of time, or actually be able to contact employees there, cancel your order and order from Z1 instead. Nisstec has been running a skeleton crew for the last bit and from the sounds of it theyve bungled every order theyve gotten in the last 9 months
I agree with this advice.

I ordered leaf springs from Nisstec a few months ago and ended up having to dispute the charge on my credit card because they happily took my money and never shipped the parts. No response to calls or emails for weeks so I ordered them elsewhere and got them in less than a week from the other site.
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