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In this 2 seater setup the rear seats are never used for sitting. The back is only used for cargo carrying or laying down. Recently having removed the rear seating cushions, there are now big gaps behind front seats.

Purpose 1: location for portable battery, driver accessible, hidden, second level for storage above.

Purpose 2: level surface of the stool for lying down

View of both stools
Aluminum 1/8” plates with round 5/8” and flat legs
Same level as when rear seats are folded
Vehicle Automotive tire Hood Tire Tread

Behind passenger
Flat legs on the inside, allowing this battery bank to be accessed/attached to legs
Light Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Finger

Behind driver. Same level on both sides
Round legs on the outside
Light Automotive tire Automotive design Vehicle door Automotive exterior

Passenger side on near side, round legs on the outside. Feet coming for round legs on the outside.
Land vehicle Tire Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle

Gap between stools.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive design Automotive exterior Vehicle door

Gap allows battery bank access or 1 stool lifting or removal. Flat legs on the inside maximize available room between legs.
Automotive tire Automotive design Vehicle door Chair Fixture

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If my X we not the family rig, I would have this set up. This is awesome! What a great Idea, and quality of work! Keep it up!

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Thank you @Jard
Almost at 200k, my rear sitting pads were pushing on back of front seats most of the time.

Easy switch from 2 seater to 4, just no reason to.
My skinny orange battery bank shows in one photo but at 5” width there isn’t another unit to fit its spot. The new battery bank (recently on sale) needs 7.5” and I need to see it to operate it.

also I will gain 8” of headroom for in car sleeping…after squeezing in otherwise since 2006.

New room discovered this way, several cubic feet.

before the welding, first tests:
Hood Azure Automotive design Automotive tire Automotive lighting
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