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Before I order tires....

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Max size on a 16x7?

I "kind of know" a 285 may fit but just want to be sure before I order anything.

Many many thanks in advance.

BTW...I am ordering tires before I do the lift.
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I personally stuck with 265/75R16. I think it's a good compromise between width and height, keeps the speedo/trip meter accurate, keeps mileage closer to stock, doesn't lower the acceleration, and keeps Nissan from claiming my tires are causing problems if I ever need warranty work because they're stock size. I love the look of the 285's but I didn't wanna go thru all the problems and get even lower mileage since 95% of the time I'm on the road. Now I'm just waiting 'til some black steelies become available so I can pull the tires a little out of the wheel wells so they don't look so small, and I'll be all set!
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