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Username: Beavertonite

Make: Nissan
Year: 2006
Model: Xterra
Trim: X
Color: Granite (KY2)


Radflo Coilovers with 600 lb springs
Rear Bilstein 5100 shocks
265/75R16 Goodyear Duratrac
Oregon Spring Leaf Pack (They make Deaver Leaf Springs)
Hellwig 1250 (EZ-1000)

LED headlights
LED Fog lights
LED interior lights
LED reverse lights
Flush mount LED pods
22" LED bar in front bumper
1 x 7" light pod across back part of roof near lift gate

OEM window visors
Graveyard Graphics stickers
GOBI Ladder
Exterior Keypad
Airtop RTT
Hefty Tire Carrier
Tail Light Guards
Thule cross bars for roof top tent

Weathertech floor mats
OEM rear cargo cover
Upgrade visors to include mirror
Beefier Tie Downs
Maglight Console Mod
Sunglasses Holder
Toolbox storage
Raingler Headrest handles
Raingler Mini Interior Net
Raingler Liftgate handle
HEP Molle Panel
Folding passenger seat
Custom made gun mount

Auto dimming compass mirror
Midland 75-820
PIAA Sports Horns 400/500
Craven Speed Stubby antenna
Blue Sea Fuse Box mounted in drive side kick panel
Cobra 840 Dashcam

Armor/Recovery/Trail Gear:
Hefty Sliders
Hefty Rad Skid the rest are OEM
RockyMtnX Recovery Brackets
Tow Strap
Patriot Hi-Lift Jack

Volant #12740

To Be Installed:

On Order:

Wants for the Near future:

Replaced Timing Chain
New Radiator to avoid SMOD

July 2013

Aug 2014

Sept 2014

Nov 2014

May 2015

June 2015 (added new leaf springs, 2" PRG coilover spacers and CVT canopy)

Added Battery tie down:

RTT joined the family

Bucksnort Bumper

May 2016

Feb 2017

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Cotter pins are stupid! The drive was long, had to stop a couple of times stretch but the good news is that I made and I got 19 mpg on the way home. I did a happy dance. It's the small victories that matter.
Please tell me there is video of this "happy dance".
Needs lift pics! :)
Also needs rear flush mount and bumper mouth LED pics.

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Added a commuter car to the mix! Landed a new job where the mileage makes the car and insurance payments. Huge improvement over mileage that I was getting in the X. Went from 14mpg to 30mpg.

2010 Honda Civic LX Sedan
3rd owner
39K Mileage
7 year extended warranty (Had front axle replaced already)
Super clean


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Nice! I did the same for my long commutes for work.
Thanks! It's a huge change from driving the X.

I was going to do a month of driving the X but after one week there is no way I could justify driving the X even with the mileage reimbursement. Not cost effective in anyway. I almost bought a different one at a dealer two days prior to getting this one for 10k with more miles and it was older. So glad that deal fell through and I landed on this one. The sales guy called me back while I was buying this one and was like 'I'd like to work a deal for the one on my lot.' I laughed and said I was in the process of finalizing a deal and that I wasn't interested. Needless to say he missed the boat. Oh well!
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