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Intro Comments: Been a member here for awhile now and I have installed 99% of all my mods so if you have any questions or advice, feel free to write me. Pictures start from first mod to most recent mod. Enjoy!

Username: BakerX05

Make: Nissan
Year: 2005
Model: Xterra
Trim: SE
Color: Granite

Trans: 5AT


ARB rear locker (install by Dans Gears)
Autozone CV axles (3 torn inner boots @ 154k miles)

Shrockworks front bumper
Shrockworks rear bumper with tire and high lift mounts
Shrockworks rad skid
NXRocks (Now Hefty) skids: engine, transfer & trans. (Had the rad skid but sold it when I went to the front bumper)
AJ Offorad Super Sqaure sliders

PIAA 520 ATP Lights (were mounted in grill but moved to shrock bumper)
Totron 6" led bar in rear (have a second one but have not mounted it yet)
Uniden 520 CB mounted under steering wheel w/ 2' wip mounted above hatch
Amber hazard led lights mounted to rack (currently off do to rewiring)
X2 power battery
Hypertech Programmer (sold it so no longer use it)
WARN wire kit ran to rear hitch
Rearview mirror with temp and compass
Pioneer touch screen Stereo HU

DT short headers (removed due to cracks after 3 years)
DT catback (removed, hanger on last res has been welded twice due to cracking the res open)
Cheap Meineke muffler and tail pipe.

PRG advanced lift kit: 2.5 coilovers (still stiff with bumper and winch), aal, adjustable shackles (started with the PRG basic lift: aluminum front spacers and adjustable shackles)
PRG motor mounts (great upgrade)
Reactive One performance front rotors (Napa)
Adaptive One front break pads (Napa)
Stillen rotors: rear
Titan ubolt kit flipped
Extended front brake lines from PRG
Removed rear & front sway bars

XRC8 mounted in front bumper
XRC8 removable cradle for rear hitch
(I bought the rear one on a whim because it was $300 and I have had no problems with it so that is why I put one in the front bumper too. I would go Warn as it is local to me but it is hard to beat $300 for a new winch that has history)

Wheels & Tires:
Pro Comp 7089 16" wheels
Current Set are BFgoodrich KM2 285/75r16
First set of tires were Toyo MT 265/70r17 (great tire, 40k miles)
Second set were Geolander MT 285/75r16 (good tire but soft and directional, 20k miles)
Third Set were Mickey Thompson MT 285/75r16 (so far the best tire I have used, 42K miles)

Baja full roof rack
Gobi passenger ladder
Cover King kryptek seat covers: front & rear
OTRATTW switches: red hazard, off road lights, roof lights, backup light
Koyo Radiator (PM for the SMOD)
Euro horn (original died so bought something off ebay)
ARB Compressor
Volant CAI with AEM dry filter
Airflow Snorkle
ACD Spotter

Comments: Loving it so far but is a petrol hog! If you have any question post it here or send me a PM


Too many so comb through the pages

Toyo Open Country MT Tires 265/70r17

PIAA 520 ATP Lights

AJ Super Sqaure Sliders

CB and Antenna

PRG Basic lift

PRG 3" Suspension Lift

Shrock Rear Bumper w/Tire Carrier

16" Pro Comp 7089 w/ Yokohama Geolander MT+ 285/75r16


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nice looking Rig

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Your rig is lookin' good! Where are the shots of it in action?
They will be coming.

There is run planned around May 8th over in the Ellensburg area, you going? It is a PNWX and Nissanwheelers run to wish a fellow X owner good luck because he is moving to Michigan.

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sweet looking X.

PS, dont forget about the format for the members Xterra.

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Format of an opening post:

Thread Title:
"Username" - <Title>

Message Body:
Mods: (listed in an organized and easy to read fashion)

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They will be coming.

There is run planned around May 8th over in the Ellensburg area, you going? It is a PNWX and Nissanwheelers run to wish a fellow X owner good luck because he is moving to Michigan.
I will be there! I am relatively new to wheeling so I hope there is nothing too difficult! Lift will be on shortly... not sure if I will have sliders by then though.

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Looks awesome!

How long did the TOYO's last ya?
40,000 miles. I still have them and they still have tread but wanted new rims so had to get new tires too. I didn't rotate every oil change (I suggest you do!) so they wore a little uneven. If I would have rotated every change, i'm sure I could have got another 5-10k out of them.
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