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I bought some new tail lights on ebay from VERTEXRACING.COM.I think they were $110. + $25. shipping.$45. for me since I live in Hawaii.When they arrived one of them was defective.I sent them an email and waited a week.No responce.I emailed them again and finally received an RMA #.No shipping instructions were included other than to ship ground.If they weren`t returned within 15 days they would not accept it.Catch 22! I live in Hi. and ground would take a month.So I called them and the person I talked to said the shipping guy wasn`t available and that I could leave a voice mail.I was never contacted back.My 15 days were running short so I sent it freight collect.I then emailed them and said I wanted a refund.They said if the parts were in the same condition as I got them they would do that but they did not accept COD`s on returns.I got the package back today.I had to pay $ ship it back to them then I had to pay $ have it returned to me!Now I had to pay $15. to send it back today.Get your calculators out kids.That`s $102. on shipping and I don`t even know if I`m going to get my money back!!!!!!!!So I caution you brothers in Xterra ,DON`T DO BUSINESS WITH VERTEX RACING! :whax: :whax: :whax:
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Hey there,
Sorry to read of your bad experience,,Sucks !

Thank You for the warning.
Best of Luck,
Jim B
Thanks.Just wanted to spread the word about these guys.Being in Hi. I take it in the shorts on shipping but this is WAY over the line.Spreading the word on this outfit gives me some relief.What goes around comes around.
My mailman brought some good news today.He charged me $21. too much.So I`ve only spent $81. on NOTHING!
Dude, you are getting bent over backwards.... But look at the good news... you live in Friggin Hawaii!!!!!!!!!!! :blackeye:
That does make all the hassels go down smoother.But you do pay the price for living in Paradise.Worth it though!
Bill :cheers:

Got an email from VertexRacing.They won`t give me a refund just a credit,even though they said if I returned it in the same condition they`d give me one.I will fight these c%#k suckers to the death on this one.
Did you pay by credit card?

Yeah.I emailed them that that was where I was going first.Neg feedback on ebay next.Then more web sites.I`m waiting for a reply.
Shadow talk to your credit card company, or bank if it's a debit card, and file a chargeback. Very simple to do. Plain and simple, they did not provide you with the service or goods promised. You should get your money back immediately, and the cc company will debit the offending company's account and send a dispute resolution form. They have a few weeks to reply and justify why they kept your money, which it sounds like they do not have a leg to stand on. They could always win and get your money again, but not without good reason.

This is why it's a good idea to use a credit card on certain purchases. Hope this helps!

That was my plan.It`s been 2 days and they haven`t gotten back to me.I`ll be on the phone to the ccc tomorrow.
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