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Bad bearing, so let's replace the axle

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I was at the dealer last week for some simple maintenance. I asked them to check out a slight grinding noise coming from the right rear of the truck. The service guy came out to me, and said the bearing was bad. He said they were a "mutha" to replace, so he said he'd call Nissan to replace the whole axle. I was shocked. He said it must have been a factory defect, and it's covered under warranty.

The truck goes in the shop tomorrow to have the work done - a day before I put my 2.5" lift in! I hope they don't run into any issues!
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hokiexterra22 said:
look here

He means they probably replace only part 38164, and not the whole rear end.

Edit - and obviously the bearing
Nay, nay. When I picked up the truck, I had a brand spanking new rear end - the entire thing. In fact, the guys who helped me with my lift the next day gave me some crap about my axle being so clean. :)
mtdewmike said:
Nay, nay. When I picked up the truck, I had a brand spanking new rear end - the entire thing. In fact, the guys who helped me with my lift the next day gave me some crap about my axle being so clean. :)
That's just too funny. But when you actually need a new axle, they don't want to give it to you. Go figure.
First of all, THANK YOU GUYS for all this amazing info and for sharing it....
I have a 2005 Off Road. 49,988 miles on it. HARDLY any offroading.
After reading all these threads, I kinda noticed the "whine" from the rear - I changed all my fluids -
After changing the fluids, the rear whine got worse!!!!!
I then removed some of the oil in there - so that it's slightly LOWER than the fill plug (using a brake vaccum pump). Anyways, the noise is GONE.
Two weeks later, I noticed vibrations at 65 - 80 mph. I took it to the dealer - They balanced the wheels and also did an alignment. This did not fix the problem. I had to take it back - they said they cant TEST it on the road above legal speed limit... so I told them I would drive - sure enough, the tech noticed it too.. and asked lots of questions - I TOLD THEM I CHANGED THE OIL MYSELF... kinda felt stupid after admitting that - but then I realized that if I used the right oil and did it right, they cant deny me service! I just got a call from them saying the U-joint is bad - and it will be replaced under warranty with a new drive axle. whooo hooo.
At 50,000 miles! This is awesome! I had expected more resistance....
Note to you guys: I hardly have done any off-roading! At most I've crossed road dividers! You guys need to get this checked before your warranty runs out - pretty expensive repair after that.

Now, I have a question:
After changing the oil, I noticed a whine in the fron diff too - Is this also a similar problem?
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Ritchie, are you modified at all? LIft, tires etc, etc? Nissan has already replaced my whole rear axle from an abnormal noise coming from the rear. They wont do anything about my vibrations though as they are saying the driveshaft is too far out of spec regarding driveshaft angle. I came in to the dealer expecting this cause my truck is modified. What is up with all these rear ends failing. Was this a common occurence(sp?) in the previous gen Xterras.
no. mine is bone stock. One other thing - The dealer said he would have to run a "diagnostics" - I guess because I told them I changed the oil myself - Anways, that would cost me ~$100 - and if they find that the cause was an improper oil change they would not cover it and i would have to pay the $100... if it was covered, I get away free.
Stealership tried to upsell me tires... I declined - saying I would like to see if the problem is fixed first...
Will probably get the X back today - will update on the status of the vibrations...
I've read almost all the posts o nthis site wrt differentials - and it seems pretty common. I guess eventually the diffs are gonna fail. If you are lucky, it will fail within the warranty period.

how hard would it be to go back to stock to see if the vibrations stop? if yo uare under 60,00 miles, it might be worth doing - to get the new axle
It wasnt the differentials.. it was the front propeller shaft... dealer replaced this under warranty - no more vibrations at 70mph and no more whining noise when I shift into 4wd
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