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Bad bearing, so let's replace the axle

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I was at the dealer last week for some simple maintenance. I asked them to check out a slight grinding noise coming from the right rear of the truck. The service guy came out to me, and said the bearing was bad. He said they were a "mutha" to replace, so he said he'd call Nissan to replace the whole axle. I was shocked. He said it must have been a factory defect, and it's covered under warranty.

The truck goes in the shop tomorrow to have the work done - a day before I put my 2.5" lift in! I hope they don't run into any issues!
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Yeah, talk about a "bump" from the past.

So all the way back in '07 the stealerships were still whack!
An entire axle assembly to fix a bearing?

Glad to hear it worked out, though. And you got a new axle out of the deal.
xterra3100 said:
Funny! Dealer replaced yours for grinding and mine for clicking. Oh well, i cant complain. I have a brand spankin new rear axle. Everyone who sees my truck is like "what the hell is up with your rear axle?"
After seeing it yesterday, I was like, "it looks like an axle in a magazine." If Nissan wants to replace them, we'll take 'em.
RockyMtnX said:
I imagine they just replaced the axle shaft, guys, not the whole rearend. The bearings are pressed onto the end of the axle shaft by the mounting flange. That is what it would be simplier and not a ton of money to replace the whole axle shaft with a new bearing already pressed in rather than trying to remove the old bearing from the original shaft.
Yeah, and see that makes total sense if you're correct. Not what I was picturing.
mtdewmike said:
Nay, nay. When I picked up the truck, I had a brand spanking new rear end - the entire thing. In fact, the guys who helped me with my lift the next day gave me some crap about my axle being so clean. :)
That's just too funny. But when you actually need a new axle, they don't want to give it to you. Go figure.
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