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The 13th Annual NEXTerra Back to School Run!!!
Saturday, September 16, 2017
Back to School Run 2017 (B2SR17) will be held at Harris Mountain, a brand new NEA property with challenges for all levels of wheeling in Granby mass.
It is roughly 70 acres of mixed trails from green to buggy.
Most of the trails are green / blue loops that have harder options on the sides of the trails.
It is private land so you cannot access it without signing up and paying a land fee with our group.
It will be ours for the day without other 4x4 traffic.
Basecamp will be the Sunsetview Farm Campground in Monson, MA.
All makes and models are welcome to join us at this event!
Details and sign up HERE!
Official Roster of Attendees so far HERE.
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