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Username: AZ-Ted:

Make: Nissan
Model: ❌terra
Trim: Off Road T-Swap 4x4
Color: Silver Lightning



Aftermarket Roof Rack
(4) KC 69 series lights in front - 100W Floods and 100W Pencil Beams (
(4) KC 26 series in back - 55W White and 35W Red (
(2) 7" HIDs on Bumper (
(2) PIAA Amber H11 Fog Light bulbs - part #13511 (
(2) Rigid Industries Dually Floods - mounted as rock lights (
Quick Fist Clamps for shovel and axe (
Trasharoo (
Yakima Spare Tire Mount - used for 2nd spare tire on aftermarket Rack (
Gobi Ladder w/heavy duty lift struts - for shrockworks bumper w/swing arm & hi-lift (Group Buy from Kneebuster on thenewx)
Airflow Snorkel (from
Safari Snorkel Head (
Trico 14-B Rear Wiper (

Armor: (
Shrockworks Front Bumper with hoops
Shrockworks Rear Bumper with swing arm spare tire carrier, Hi-Lift Mount, CB antenna mount
Shrockworks sliders (stock height)
Shrockworks skids (full set powdercoated gray)

2" Body Lift from Automotive Customizers (
Radflo 2.5 coilovers with Eibach 600# coils (
Custom AAL (2 full size leafs on each side) from Dunbar Spring in Phoenix, AZ
Rear Radflos - extended length (
PRG Adjustable Shackles - (

Titan Swap:
PRG Titan UCAs (
Stock Titan LCAs (
M205 Titan Front Diff (
Titan Axle Shafts (
Extended Tie Rod Ends (
Extended Front Brake Lines (
1.5" wheel spacers - for rear wheels (

Wheels and Tires:
(5) Procomp Wheels (from Penski61)
(5) LT 315/75/R16 BGA MT KM2s (from Penski61)

Uniden Pro520XL CB (from Apollo Communications in Phoenix)
Wilson 5000 Antenna with 5' whip (from Apollo Communications in Phoenix)

IPOD connector for RF Stereo - PAC AAI-NIS2 (ebay)

Scan Gauge II - for reading my own DTCs (
OTRATTW Switches - for all my lights (
DieHard Platinum - Sealed AGM battery (
Hood Rod Mod - Thanks USMC Xterra and CMHX (

Front Diff (M205) - Amsoil 75W-90
Rear Diff (M226) - Amsoil 75W-140
Transfer Case - Amsoil Fully Synthetic ATF
Transmission - Amsoil Fully Synthetic ATF
Power Steering - Amsoil Fully Synthetic ATF
Engine Oil - Amsoil 10W-30
Radiator - Stock Nissan Coolant
Brakes - Stock Nissan Brake Fluid

Future Mods:
Dual Battery, OBA, Winch, Air Horns, Rock Lights (for the rear)


Almost Stock (except for the sliders) - Feb. 2007

From Table Mesa Rd in AZ - Jan 2010

Steel Bender - gone Moab X - May 2011 (photo courtesy Sexy6chick):

Dually Rock Lights:

Top Of The World trail, goneMOAB 2013:

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lookin great there! I can't believe you hadn't posted up a build thread before now...i thought you had!
One of my favorite X-Terras, the titan swap changed the whole look!
Thanks everyone. Now, who can tell me how to change my signature so that it shows "My Xterra" and is linked to my member's xterra page?
X is looking sharp!

Go to User CP. Top left of the page.
Click edit Signature
Click the Insert Link icon. Globe with oval thing.
Copy this link and paste. Then in the blue highlighted section type in what ya want it to say.
Thanks Guys! Here are a few more pictures. Photos courtesy of RJCX.

Devil's Staircase portion of Broken Arrow Trail:

The RV parking area near Lake Pleasant after a rainstorm:
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Thanks Guys! Here are a few more pictures. Photos courtesy of RJCX.

Devil's Staircase portion of Broken Arrow Trail:

The RV parking area near Lake Pleasant after a rainstorm:
^Wow I missed that 2nd shot, that's awesome.
Ted....that picture of you playing in the mud is...AWESOME! :pirate:
That second shot is awesome. Looks like a poster.
It should be. We'll see how long it stays up on this thread. I'd hate to think I'm violating thenewX rules by posting a picture of me playing in a mud puddle in the parking lot near the lake.

Special thanks to RJCX, he takes some badass pictures. When are we wheeling again Robert?? (hint hint).
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