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05 Xterra SE 4WD
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Thanks in advance for your help everyone. I've used this forum many times in the past with great success. This is just my first post.

I have an 05 Xterra SE 4WD with 200K. Have had no previous transmission issues before.

The other day I was taking my family up the mountain. After about 20 minutes of driving my X starting getting stuck in second gear. Because I was driving up the mountain, it would downshift fine, but when I needed to upshift out of second it wouldn't. The engine responded and ran well, but I couldn't force it to upshift. If I came to a stop or slowed and manually selected first gear, the truck would get there fine, but in both cases second was a far as it could go.
So, I turned around. On the way down the mountain, with far less load on engine and transmission, I had moments when it felt like transmission wasn't in gear at all. The engine would rev but no transmission engagement.
Once on level ground on the valley floor, I could eventually get it up to O/D but I had to ease it through some of the gear changes by milking the accelerator.

I've checked for SMOD, both the coolant and the ATF are clear and the correct respective colors. I've flushed the ATF. No metal particles, no particularly strong smell, and after refilling the problem returned.
There are no Check Engine lights, ATF lights or codes.

Any advice?
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