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August 2013 TOTM Entries

Remember, if you won in 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, or 2012 you can re-win in 2013. But, please submit a different photo!

Please read the rules before posting.

TOTM Rules:

Truck of the Month (TOTM) will be two parts. Starting the first day of the month, a submission thread will be started and users can start posting their picture. The submission thread will close at midnight of the last day of the month. At this time a voting poll will be created for the users to vote on their favorite picture/truck. The voting will last 7 days, at which time a winner will be announced. If after the closing of the poll there is a tie, there will be a 2 day vote off between the tied submissions. The winner will have his/her photo displayed on the front home page of the site until a new winner is picked.

1. Submit only vehicles you own (or have permission to drive).
2. If you did not take the photo, ask permission to use it.
3. You may only submit one vehicle a month.
4. Submit just one picture of the vehicle. If more than one photo is submitted, the first one posted will be chosen for voting. If you would like to change the photo you have submitted, please edit your original post.
5. Photos can be of any truck in any setting, but please try and make the photo interesting. If it's a driveway shot, shoot from an interesting angle. You should be able to tell what the vehicle is in the photo, but the entire vehicle does not need to be in the photo.
6. Please give the following details about your vehicle;
...a. Make
...b. Model
...c. Year
...d. Color
...e. Mod List
7. Please do not post any photos unless it is an entry in the contest.
8. DON'T POST COMMENTS IN THIS THREAD - AFTER (1) WARNING YOU WILL GET A (1) WEEK BAN. If you would like to discuss someones truck, please start a new thread in the appropriate forum.
9. Winners may not enter again until the following year.
10. Any photo may be removed from the submission thread by the moderation group for any reason and the admin/mod's have final say. Examples of photos that may be removed;
...a. Photos showing dangerous situation for the driver, by standards or the vehicle it's self.
...b. Photos showing damage to the environment or structures.
.......1. Show vehicles on an obvious trail, clearly hardened surface, or sand.
.......2. Never show vehicles blazing a new trail.
.......3. Avoid use of the word "wilderness" in conjunction with motorized or mechanized vehicles.
.......4. Refrain from showing vehicles in excessive water or mud.
.......5. Avoid excessive speed.
...c. Photos depicting inappropriate activities. Keep the photos PG please!
...d. Any other reason we see fit.
11. Do Not Re-post photos of TOTM entries! Re-posting TOTM entries in the thread only clutters the thread and makes it harder to create the TOTM Polls.
12. Entries must be made by 11:59p.m. (EST) on the last day of the month.
13. Have fun! :icon_smile:

At the end of the year we will take all of the winners and put them up against one another to have the Truck Of The Year (TOTY) selected. That winner will get some kind of award and their truck will be placed on the home page.

This contest is open to all trucks from stock to super modified, 2wd and 4wd. So get out there and get those photos. The better the photo the better the chance of you winning. Please do not risk harm or injury to yourself, your vehicle, the environment, etc. If you have a submission that boarders on that, the admin/mod team will determine if it should be allowed for submission. The rules will be followed, no questions. If rules are not followed, your entry will be removed immediately.

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