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Armor Dillo plastic restorer?

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Has anyone ever heard of a plastic cleaning product called Armor Dillo. I was at Advance Auto and was asking them how to prevent the molding and plastic bumpers from fading. He recommended that I go to the GM dealership and check it out. They sell it there for their some of their trucks. They were out of stock at the time, but it is supposedly good stuff. Hass anyone heard of this product or use anything similar?
Thanks, Mikey
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Good god I thought this was spam at first! Something about the title Armor-*****... Anyways I have heard about it but never have seen it or used it.
haha! Yea, let me edit that... that does look an awful lot like armor *****...
a dealership i work at uses it on the plastic to get wax off. they said it also protects against fading, seems to me like the the Back to Black stuff but they live by it. not sure what it costs but I know BB has worked for me just doesnt last that long.
They have armordillo for firearms which is like a very hard polymer wax to protect from rust, wonder if its the same stuff??? I doubt it.
LOL i thought you put Armor ***** LOL
That stuff works great. That is what we used under warranty to fix faded plastic. (Ex GM Master Tech)
Is it better than the 303 Aerospace stuff?
Is it better than the 303 Aerospace stuff?
I bought some 303 last month and it fixed my cowl in three applications that could not be cured with Armorall. The rest of the plastic has very little fade at all - even living here in the desert southwest. We get no rust but do get more than our fair share of UV rays.
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