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2006 Nissan Xterra
Trim: S
Packages: Nevada Tow Package,Protection Package, Utility Package
Options: Splash Guards (**** canned)
Body Side Molding
Retractable Cargo Cover (sold)
In Cabin Micro Filter
Current Mods
• Ram Laptop Mount
• Radio Shack CB/WX Radio
• Motorola Specter VHF
• Dual Fire Extinguishers
• LOBO Shelf
• Shrockworks Front Bumper
• Smittybuilt XRC- 8 winch
• Yakima Load Warrior w/ Extension w/ Tire Carrier w/ Axe and Shovel Mount
• 4 Hella 500 driving lights on roof
• 2 Hella 500 fog lights on the bumper
• 4 spot lights mounted on the side of the Yakima Rack (2 on each side)
• Tail Light Guards
• Hi-Lift Jack
• Rear Whelen LED Traffic Advisor
• Whelen Headlight Flashers
• Red and Blue Whelen Talon in the Front Windshield
• OEM Fog lights
• Nismo Cold Air Intake
• AC Coilovers
• Calmini Spacer/Shackle Kit
• 285/75/16 Nitto Terra Grapplers
Sitting in the Garage
-PRG Contol Arms
-Radflo Coilovers with Eibach Springs
-Deaver AAL
-PRG Bumpstops
-Radflo Rear Shocks
-IC-2800 VHF/UHF ham Radio
-5 Antennas of different kinds
-Roof Switch Rocker panel
-Materials for my top secret cargo mod
To Come
• Shrockworks Rear bumper w/ Tire Carrier w/CB and Hi-Lift mounts
• Shrockworks Sliders
• GOBI Ladder
• PRG Extended Coilovers
• Deaver Leaf Pack
• PRG Upper Control Arms
• Magnaflo exhaust
• Headers
• Whelen Corner Strobe System
• Pioneer Nav System

First Pic of the X

With the Upgrades


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You certainly have lots of lights. Why the red and blue flashing light? Are you a volunteer firefighter or something similar? ...The vols in Indiana just had a blue light. I am really diggin all your lights. Nice Xterra!

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Nice rig bro! Looks like you've already donesome muddin, and when you get sliders on (and some skids) you'll be ready to hit the rocks :rockin:

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Wow ! I did not know we could turn on so many lights at the same time ! Did the engine idled faster ?
No but until I put the optima yellow top in, my stock battery cried a little each time I did that

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My truck is still sitting at the dealership and I have $2500 worth of parts sitting in my garage waiting to be put on.

-PRG Advance Kit including
2.0 Radflo coilovers with Eibach Springs
Deave AAL
PRG Shackels
Radflo rear shocks
-Icom IC-2800 Dual Banf VHF/UHF Radio
-5 different antennas to install
-Cargo Box
-Cabelas switch panel
-Camera mount
-Camcorder Mount
-Blackberry cradle/charger
-Re-wire everything to one battery cable

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for a brief moment when i saw that i thought your xterra was pulling someone over.

that would freak the hell out of me, seeing some lifted X w/ shrockworks bumper, 6-8 lights and 6-8 blue and red flashing police lights, all sitting on top of some 35" beasts, i'd feel lucky escaping with only a ticket after something like that. LOL

but back on topic, very nice X dude - it's lookin very sleek!
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