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Want a locker?

ARB Locker

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Thanks for the tip that I should have thought of before, Navy. :)

I talked with Seth at ARB about developing a locker for us. And he says it's on the bottom of the priority list because there's not a market for it and it's a grocery getter now.

I asked him what kind of market he needed. And he said they would pretty much need 100 guarenteed purchases to even consider creating one.

With that being said, I'm not looking for sob stories, I'm not looking for tall tale stories of crap.

I'm looking for people who are interested in pushing this company to at least look into it. Because they have no intentions of even looking at this right now.

Rules of this thread:
A) If you don't want one, don't say anything.
B) If you're interested then say you are.
C) Which ones? Front, back, both?
D) Don't've said you wanted one...that's all we need to know in this thread.

I'm doing this because this will make the count VERY easy. I'd like to see us get up over 100 and maybe we can convince them to at least ponder the idea.

EDIT: This is all contingent on what the price is, obviously. You will not be FORCED to purchase one as we don't know a price.

I'm interested in Front only
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Front, since i already got the rear in the OR, But $$$...and breakage would be final concern
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