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ARB Cover Contacting Ring Gear

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Okay so this seems maybe a little serious?

It would appear that my ARB diff cover is making, or made, contact with my ring gear. Well, more likely the ring gear bolts.

I recently found water contamination in my diff and I've been draining and refilling my diff every other weekend to clean it all out. At the same time I installed an ARB cover and Lubelocker gasket.

On this 4th drain-and-fill I noticed a groove cut into the inside of the cover that lines up perfectly with the ring gear bolts.

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This probably explains the large amounts of metal I had on the drain plug magnet the 2nd time I drained and refilled my diff.
I just assumed it was from the water contamination, but maybe it was from the cover contacting the gear.

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I spun the gear around completely and thankfully it doesn't look like the bolts or the gear show any sort of damage.
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Uhm... wtf? Did I do something wrong? I tossed my stock cover when I installed the ARB cover so I can't just put that one back on. I don't know if the cover is still making contact but there's no changes in how it drives. And this most recent drain-and-fill didn't have any metal shavings on the drain plug.

I once saw a thread about something similar from another member here but now I can't find it. Anyone experience this?


So obviously I'm a fucking idiot because this is very likely the noise I WAS hearing in this thread.

That noise went away at the 3rd drain-and-fill so I assumed the noise was indeed related to the fluid. It was a night and day difference. It was still making noise, then I drained the oil and refilled it and it wasn't making noise. So I figured "Cool, all the contaminated fluid has been drained out finally."

Maybe I was WRONG and the noise was absolutely the contact. But why was it only making the noise on deceleration and not all the time?

Do I pitch this cover and go back to a stock one? Should I get a Titan finned cover and then maybe get a diff guard or the Rocky Road diaper? Or should I just get an Offroad Gorilla cover even though it doesn't have the ring gear groove for proper oil flow?

I feel so fucking dumb. I even checked the cover once or twice before for any signs of contact and didn't see anything. So I'm blind or a damn idiot or just a fucking blind goddamn idiot.
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Well the groove has now been cut and it looks like there’s no longterm/major damage. I’d Dremel/file off a little more clearance on the cover and run it.

Out of curiosity how many times have you drained/filled? I just did my 3rd and it came out clean but slightly milky drain pan looked clean after draining though. The fluid was cold so I’m wondering if that was why or if there could actually still be water (crazy if so!).

Edit: Apparently reading is hard. 4th drain for you. How’d the fluid look?
I guess I'm just now worried because obviously something wasn't right here. Yeah it might fit now that the groove has been made... but it shouldn't have done that in the first place. So should I even keep using the cover at this point? Am I overthinking it?

The first time it was opaque white. Second time was sort of a gray color, but still opaque. Third time it was finally transparent but still gray-ish.
This 4th time it finally looked normal, if MAYBE a little off colored. I've got enough oil for, like, 2-3 more changes though so I'm just going to keep doing it until I'm out of oil. Might be overkill but I have no idea how long the contaminated oil was in there so I'm not taking any chances.

I'll tell you what really helped though. Once the pumpkin is drained, jack up one side of the axle only. Once it's at a good angle, let it sit like that for a few minutes, then drop it and lift up the other side. I got a LOT of contaminated oil out of the tubes by doing that on the 3rd drain, even though the oil in the pumpkin looked better. I'd say the bad oil can more easily sit in the axle tubes and not drain compared to the oil in the pumpkin.
Thanks, I’ve been draining the axle tubes so I’ll do another after a few thousand miles and see.

And yes you’re over thinking it IMO. It’s a cover, the defect has been corrected and there’s not much else that could go bad.
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