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Hello I have decided to sell my arb bumper. I love this thing to death. I love the look and the "Australian" style it gives but it doesn't have the features i want. A new ARB bumper is about 1200 bucks plus tax if you buy it from a local shop. But online you'd have to pay for shipping.

My bumper is in overall pretty good shape. It comes with the separate fog lights you have to buy since it doesn't come with the bumper. Plus, I've already done the cutting on the original bumper cover. My starting price is 850$. I'm not in a huge hurry to sell since I'll be bumper-less until I buy the Nismo i want.

I cannot ship this. I'm willing to drive a couple hours if someone wants it. Located in NE Florida.
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Just wanted to update this FS thread. I now have x4 Pro4x 16" wheels for sale... im not too sure what these go for these days so shoot me an offer. Im willing to split them up but i dont really want to ship.
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I wont lie these wheels have been used and abused. There is rock rash on every one. Ill try to clean them up the best i can before i let them go. I also have the wheel locks that go with them. My first thought was 600 for all 4. but if anyone wants them real bad im open to offers.

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