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To date there are 20 trucks signed up for the MA part of this event this Saturday at Gremlin Graveyard!
It’s not too late to join them for a great day of wheeling!
Info and link to sign up HERE.

Get out and wheel this Saturday!

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We have 18 trucks signed up to date. You can still sign up and plan to attend!
4 Black;
Ernie (Bass4Runner)
Joe (Jdicenso)
Keith (lizardking)
Tom (Bklyn.X)

6 Blue;
Jeff (Jeffpro4x) Leader
David (rcheliman)
Josh (Jsexton)
Siobhan (George)
Aaron (13XAaron)
Nick (frangoulisn)

2 Green;
Justin (BKxterra) Leader
Jon (stormtrooperxj97)

Peter and his NYC-OFFROAD group (6 trucks) is going to run together.
Peter (Blk11xterra)
Kevin (KevinX)
Saif (K1ngkhan)
Theresa (Qns2bk718)
Katherine (Crawlher_luci)
Mel (Melbx172)

He said they are going to run Blue trails.

Justin will lead a “Green/Blue” group over on the Northeast. I’ve been on the trails he plans to run and anyone (green) should be able to follow him.

He might just grab the one other truck signed up for Green and lead the NYC group. We’ll see who shows up and figure it out.

I’m hoping some more of you decide to sign up and attend!
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