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Another shock option for Daystar (or similar) lift

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Just thought I'd mention that Pro-Comp's ES9000 series has a shock that should work according to the company tech I spoke with. The part # is ES921500. Its extended length is 21.61" and its compressed length is 13.22". According to this tech, the shock comes with a bushing sleeve kit with multiple sizes that should make the shock fit both the top and bottom mounts on the Xterra.

This shock is not adjustable but the valving is supposedly appropriate for the weight of the Xterra.

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Forgot to ask: Does anyone have experience with this model of Pro-Comp shock? Is anyone using currently?


Thank you in advance
I have 9000's on my Jeep.

I have no complaints about them.
USMC MC is running a set of Pro-Comps in the rear.
yeah, USMC is running the Pro-Comp MX6070's. While these do offer longer extended length, the collapsed length is 15.59". My concern is that the collapsed length may be too long as Daystar recommends 13.5" collapsed and I'm assuming that even this is about an inch longer than the OEM collapsed length (could be wrong though).

If anyone knows what the OEM extended and collapsed specs are I'd really appreciate that information being posted.
Yea I think you are correct on the length and the 1" more. That works out about right when you do the lift. It's what 4 wheel parts recommended and the lifetime warranty was a bonus. I really like em and I do adjust them according to what I am doing. And that is funny people know what model shock I am running and I don't LOL I have to make a list! MC

To your knowledge, have you ever bottomed out the Pro-Comp shocks you're running?

I doubt he could as he runs Timbren bump stops that would hit before the shock would bottom out.
FYI, Rancho is the same company as Pro-Comp.
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