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Another n00b w/first X!

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Hello all, Ive been lurking on here and even posted a couple times awhile back, thought Id make a quick post to officially say hello.

I purchased a 06 OR a few weeks ago w/RF, tow, and side airbags. I actually have not wheeled a truck before, although I rode dirt bikes for many years. Looking forward to learning the ways and doing some light-offroading soon. The X will also serve as occasional tow vehicle for my weekend/race car, an Integra Type R that I take on events around the country.

I am amazed at how much fun this thing is to drive, and also how well it actually performs "ON-road" considering its off-road prowess. The wife and I have taken it on 3 road trips already(coastal GA, North GA mtns, and this past weekend to central IL, 3000mi in 3 weeks!) and it has done fantastically.

Anyway, Ive rambled on enough. Ive enjoyed the site so far and this seems like a great and friendly place to hang out (even for a n00b!).

Oh, and the token pic of course :D

Thanks for havin' me!
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welcome, good choice on model and color ;)
thanks! Actually is it just me or is the OR model like impossible to find??

From our $ point of view, we had to get an 06 bc of the extra rebates they were offering. So I used the 'search dealers inventory' feature on Nissans site and found only a very small number (9 I believe) of OR's within a distance of ~600mi from Atlanta. But then I come here and it seems like the OR is by far the most popular model!
jetydosa said:
thanks! Actually is it just me or is the OR model like impossible to find??
I bought my manual transmission 2006 OR X last September, in Vancouver, BC.
At that time there were about 21 available, but I'm not sure if that number was just for BC, or all of Canada.

Now, a friend wants to buy an X, and he has talked to 3 dealers, and there are no 2006 OR automatics left in Canada. He's going to wait until later this year and consider a 2007.
Mine was probably one of the 21...I bought in August...just told my dealer Red, MT...came in a couple of days from Vernon.

Welcome to the site jetydosa!!
I bought mine through Fleet sales, it was late 05 so I was trying to find an 05 to get the discounts. Turns out they had 4 OR's within 150mile radius of Irvine, Ca. I had my choice of white, silver, silver, or granite. I got white. :D
Welcome :wav:
:pirate: Ahoy, Matey! :newb: Welcome! Yer on a site dedicated to Nissan's, "Next Generation Xterra." Step aboard, take in what you can, but promise to share what you learn! :3some:
Welcome to the club. :wave:
Welcome! :cheers: I like the white!
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