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Another Lobo Shelf

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I followed the mod posted elsewhere for trimming the shelf, then hung it with 4 spring links (1/4"). It was snug and didn't rattle, but hard to snap in and out and had very little room for stuff. Back to HD and bought some 3/16" Quick Links to add at each attachment point. Made more room for stuff, but rattled and the shelf wobbled. Back to HD and bought 4 5/16" spring links. Easier to snap in and out, more room for stuff, but rattled. Removed links and the mounts from the X and dipped them in Plasti-Dip. Let 'em dry and reinstalled: no more rattling. I may experiment with adding the Quick Links to see if the extra room it creates is worth the swinging and rattling. Some Plasti-Dip will probably cut down on the noise. If I were to start this mod over again, I would only trim only three, not four of the wires off the ends of the shelf (rear end), as described by eXTra fORt in this post:

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Good job man. Works great doesn't it?
buxwheat said:
If I were to start this mod over again, I would only trim only three, not four of the wires off the ends of the shelf (rear end), as described by eXTra fORt in this post:
Or you could install it the way I did, and not have to do any trimming:
I just completed this mod. It's my first, and it turned out perfect! Thanks!!
Those ceiling hooks are useful....I ran motorcycle tie-downs between the rear hooks, as well as between the handles above the rear passenger doors, and hang my x-country skis inside the vehicle: warm, handy, secure :blob:
how much weight will that shelf hold?

thinking that is great location for rifle, with some foam pads on bottom & Velcro straps from dollar store.. instant gun rack.

but weight might be issue on it? any ideas?
I would feel safe with 2-3 rifles in mine... definitely not a problem.
Length might be an issue... are you talking AR-15's or 7mm mag's?
As you mentioned about securing them... make sure they're strapped down good... wouldn't want one flying into the back of your head on a quick stop.
Yep, was thinking AR, 10-22, Scatter gun.

if the weight is okay.. Cool, will be seeking this new shelf for mine.

Yep, will Secure it tight. would hate to have them things fly into dashboard.. ouchies..
thx... one more Mod, to do for me X.
Had to make me one of those rear shelfs. After seeing the shelf on site again... OOP's. mine has flange on one end.. flat on the other.

trimed it to fit the corners. Added 4 75 Lbs rated quick D-links In .

$4.36 for Quick links D-rings Alum
$6.38 for Shelf.

.20 minutes to install.. done!!!.. looks good.. BUT need to add padding for protecting the roof when loading. Other then that..

DANG.. Looks good... Can also make it a Pet Cage too.
just a note on the plasti-dip... it will wear off. i've had my shelf for about 9 months and t he plasti-dip has worn through and broken off where the carabiners contact the shelf. not a big deal just thought i'd mention it.
I noticed that rubbing rattling sounds... going over Wash board gravel will really make it loud.

Means just need to stuff pillows, jackets Etc. to dull the wobble.

Just installed a Fire Exg, Road flares, Box of BUTT Wipes ( gods gift to Man!! )

I think this will work dandy... Time will tell.. but for $10 bucks... its Cheap shelf.
Yep, sucker Rattles allot.. Getting annoying real fast.

I Went bought some plastic pvc Clear tubing 3/8 Id X 1/2 O.D. cut just enough, to fit over the Caribeners. One for the rack, the other for the hook. Do that to all 4 points.

Sure made a big differance in rattling. Will run that for few weeks.. Then Will adapt..Or remove shelf. :)

had to share that tip. on the tubing for adding a damper to the rattle.
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