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AlpineMountain's Xterra "BEEFY"- Updated 9-13-14

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AlpineMountain - named it "BEEFY"

Year: 2006
Make: Nissan
Model: Xterra
Trim: X
Color: Night Armor

PRG 4 WD Package, Coilovers are at 750lbs, Ride is great, Adjustable height shackles
D!ck Cepek Mud Country 285/75/16
MB Wheels

CB-Cobra all in one, Mounted below the radio
All Weather Floor Mats
Alpine CD Deck Player
Headrest DVD player (for our 6 year old, keeps him busy with long days of wheelin)
10inch sub and amp
OTRATTW Switches for lights
10 lb CO2 Mounted Tank in the trunk
Fire extinguisher
Mag light mounted on by the shifter
Mini shovel, tow straps,*snatch block, *tree strap
ARB Tire Deflator
*New Mcmaster Carr 175# struts for rear hatch (geez finally no more headaches)

*Gobi ladder (courtsey of gone moab via Marcin)
3M dealer applied clear bra
A Sh!t Load of Stickers!!!
Homebrew Rear Bumper built by ChefNate and his bro Kyle
Calmini Stinger Bumper
ShrockWorks Sliders
Full Hefty Skids Package
40" LED Light Bar
Smittybilt XRC 8,000 winch with synthetic line
*New U bolts (from a local shop in town)

Items Removed:
Mud flaps
front and rear sway bars

Future Wish list:
Titan Swap, Body Lift,35's,


Dont worry, my husband took our 3 year old for a ride in our townhome complex, not on the streets anywhere, he was so excited that the truck was "fixed"

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Wow, what a transformation in such a short time. Looking real good!
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impressive! need a pic from the front! making me think maybe the hefty front woulda been a good choice.
Sweet!! Definitely some pics from the front!
that is some sexy beef :)
Thanks boys! Im a chick, I combined mine and my husbands names to get the screen name. I am a tomboy when it comes to the Xterra and wheelin, but a girlie girl the other times. My dad and Husband did a great job getting everything all done and ready for GONEMOAB!!! thanks for the compliments, we get lots of looks from people. Owned the thing for 4 years and finally made a build thread...
i like it! What skids do you have?

What's going on with the winch/strap in the pic of the front hefty install?
this is an exceptional looking rig. great work. i love those front bumpers! keep up the great work!

Well they are the hefty skids (formally NX rocks), the only different one is the gas tank from shrockworks. Thanks guys, real proud of our Rig, I dunno if you can see the 4 runner in some of our pictures... that is my dads, like father like daughter. Really showed us and taught us all about the life of wheelin, and its so nice to see our beautiful state in ways that most people cannot.

Im not sure what your asking about the winch/strap.??? The red part is the strap to hold onto when winding the line back inside(smittybuilt) Hefty installed our winch for us, built a little custom piece to incase in on the inside, so its sight unseen and we can still access it very easily.
MB-XTERRA06- named it "BEEFY"

I was curious what was going on here...
oh sorry, we had to get our bumper shifted over and they couldnt both hold the bumper and tighten all the bolts properly so they used my dads truck/winch to "help them" while my mom and I supervised since we couldnt put enough power behind it to get the job done right, it all worked out great in the end, get creative where its needed...
Looks great Bri! Let's get together soon, would love to check it out the truck. Also, looking at a trail run in the next couple weeks. Can't wait to see you guys again!
X looks awesome...can't wait to get my Hefty's as well (2 weeks).
Truck looks good! The absolute best part of your rig is the HEFTY FRONT BUMPER!

I'm looking forward to my Hefty front bumper, I'm getting it installed tomorrow.

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Hi Mike & Bri! I somehow managed to completely miss your build thread until this morning. It looks good, & even better in person! ;) :)
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