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Air Bag Idiot Light

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So I installed a new stereo last night and everything seemed fine. When I got in the truck this morning the Supplemental Airbag warning light started flashing and hasn't stoped. When I got into work I checked to make sure I didn't have any loose connections, but everything seems OK.

Any ideas? Any way to clear the code to see if maybe it was from a loose connection? Should I remove the stereo before I bring it into Nissan? I've had the truck for exactley 1 week and I'm not in a good mood right now. Thanks for any help...
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As a side note.

If anyone is going to play with the radio or airbag wiring, make sur the battery is disconnected.

Air bags can and have deployed during radio installation more than once.

you can then search for the How to about turning the VDC light off....
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