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As a Nissan Pathfinder owner I know how hard it is to find quality after market parts for Nissan off road enthusiasts. Because of this, I started Rugged Rocks in late 2006 and have worked with a few different manufactures to bring out new Nissan off road products. We were the first ones to have the ARB Air locker installed in the M226 in North America and I'm running the first Atlas T-case adapter in a pre-'04 Nissan using an adapter By Advance Adapters which I helped develop. (Read more about the Atlas here)

There are new products in the early stages of development and I look forward to continuing to work with the Nissan aftermarket for years to come.

Rugged Rocks has had tremendous support from members especially those in Southern California and the Southwest including X-Trippin, Oz, Jefenger, and Penski just to name a few. With their help and your help we look forward to being able to grow and offer new products for the Nissan Off Road community.

Take a look at our store and remember if you don’t see it we can still probably get it.

The most preferred way to get in touch with me regarding off road parts & accessories is to call me at 909-547-4651.

Don’t forget to sign up for our NEWSLETTER to stay informed of new products and promotions. The next one will come out April 8th.

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