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ABLS making that noise?

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Earlier this year I was driving my X on the beach and this past weekend I was playing around in a muddy field/parking lot. Both times I noticed a fairly loud, rapid and harsh clicking sound whenever I was moving at any amount of speed. I was a bit busy working the wheel to really look at the dash but it seemed like to me the SLIP light was on/flashing at the same time I was hearing the noise.

So that tells me that the noise I was hearing was probably the ABLS system engaging/disengaging to minimize wheel spin and all is normal. That sound about right to everyone? Have you all noticed the same noise when the ABLS system kicks in on your Xs?

And, if so, is there any (easy) way to turn the system off? I understand how the ABLS system works and how it helps. But for times like this weekend when I just want to throw my X into slides, spin the wheels and toss mud all over the place, I really don't want the ABLS system active. The manual says that turning VDC off will still allow the ABLS system to function so I guess that's not an option.
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Thanks. I'll remember to turn the VDC off the next time I get off-road again (although those times seem few and far between) to see if that makes a difference. But from just reading the manual (page 5-30), it looks like the ABLS system will still engage even with the VDC turned off.

Also, just to clarify, that noise I'm hearing does sound like the ABLS system kicking in, right? I'm just hoping that its not some sort of problem.
OK, thanks again. I was actually reading MC's ABS mod last night and was wondering if that would help me out to (good write-up by the way). In fact, i just sent a text message to my wife who's out getting groceries to pick up Four Wheeler magazine so I can have that for a reference also (although that issue may no longer be out).

MC, your mod looks like it will only disable ABS (basically the same as pulling the fuse). Is that right or does it also disable VDC? I don't know if those two are tied together in the fuse box. If not, then I should probably hit the VDC switch along with your ABS switch when I want both off.
Ah, OK. So that fuse is tied into the ABS sensors. That's good. One switch takes care of both. Thanks.
Good points Dan and Muzikman. By and large whenever I'm wheeling, I'll probably have the ABLS engaged. But for the times like this past weekend when I had a large field of packed earth that had been rained on all day, I just couldn't resist throwing my X sideways and doing a few doughnuts. For times like that, I'd like to be able to turn the ABLS off so my X doesn't go crazy trying to keep the wheel spin down when a lot of wheel spin is what I want in the first place :cheese:

And MC, I'm glad you shared the details on your mod because I haven't been able to find a copy of the Oct issue of Four Wheeling yet. And besides, it sounds like you went into a lot more in-depth than their 1-page article did anyway.

Also (and I probably just need to go back to read your instructions again), you say we'll need to pull the dash off to do your mod but I don't see why. Can't I just hook up to the fuse box like you described, run a wire through some spot in the firewall and then just tie into a switch like you showed? I just don't see where I have to pull the dash off to do what you did.
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Thanks for that last bit of info MC.

Any thoughts on which gauge of wire to use for this project?
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