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So, been noticing this whole add-a-leaf thing a lot recently. Is this a suspension lift method? Or just an improvement to the suspension already there?
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lifeinthesouth said:
Damn, Ponyboy... I've been meaning to say it after seeing some of trucks on titantalk... It's great that you actually did the SAS and use to it's full potential.
These 10ft tall SAS trailer queens are such a waste :violent1:
Oh man... and this whole time I thought it was all about who spent the most and has the cleanest offroad vehicle.... crap, back to square one.
S_e_X-Terra said:
Holy crap!! You have been a member since feb. and this is your first post! Time for you to play catchup.
I read a lot, and only talk when I have something to say or can't find it in a previous post. It is amazing how much information there is on these if you just use SEARCH. I actually work at keeping my post count down.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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