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7-Pin Trailer Harness Mount

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I installed a Valley hitch on my Xterra last week and now it is obviously time to add the wiring harness.

Searched through some of the previous threads, but didn't find where this has been discussed. After you install the wiring harness, where have you guys put the "plug in?"

I saw some pictures on here of people that cut through there bumper, I'd like to avoid that if at all possible. If anyone has pics of where you mounted your wiring harness that would be most helpful.
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Do a search, I know someone did a how to on it somewhere. I just suggest you get it as close to the hitch center as possible to keep the cord from pulling on right turns, You can see what I mean in the shrockworks rear bumper how to I posted.MC
You need to fab up something to mount it if you don't want to cut thru the bumper.

I just cut thru the bumper because it elminates the pin connection from getting torn off when going Off Road. I have no picts of the install.
I also have mine cut through the bumper, and it works well. I had to make up an extension for towing, it was a pain but well worth it.
I'm ok with fabbing something. I have searched. I found a post with the instructions off of one of the vendors websites. It looks like the hitch had something on it to mount the 7 pin harness on. It didn't have pictures though, just a diagram. Maybe there is something different on the factory hitch.

Anybody with the factory hitch, how does yours look? I'm not planning on doing any hardcore off roading where I think the harness will get ripped off. I wasn't planning to have it hang below the hitch. On past vehicles there have been bolts on the bottom of the bumper I've attached to, but I ddin't see anything down there for the X.

So, I thought I'd ask what other people have done. Maybe it is time to get inventive.

B Slater, this is a link you posted in another thread. Is there a difference with the Nissan hitch that it comes with a place to mount the 7 Pin harness? This is more what I was thinking, but might end up mounting on the bumper, as I'm thinking about it I could see how that could protect the wires.
The way they showed it mounted it is very easy to bend it or rip it off. I would strongly suggest mounting it in the bumper. It looks super clean and it can take a beating. I will try to take a picture of my install tonight.
I was tired of draging mud in the summer and ice & snow & salt in winter.

So I decided to relocate it in the bumper:

Drop the spare, 2 1/8" hole saw, some minor trimming on the plug to get it through... and the job is done...

Now the plug stay way cleaner and the wirring is safely tucked under the bumber.

Just remember the M2C1 rule...
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eXTra fORt You did a fine job on this really nice pictures be nice if you can pick a good subject that will come up on a search and put this in How To section. Nice! MC
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