I just picked a set of wheels and these tires came on them. I don't plan to use them so they are up for sale. The spare was never used and the other 4 are almost new. Size 265/75/16 similar to stock 32" size. I'm guessing the are equal to a LT ply as they are heavy and have a thick sidewal. Tread depth is 12/32" on 4 and 13/32" on the spare . The tread pattern seems to be a AT and looks similar to the BFG ko's. Now I have no clue who makes them or where they even came from I can't find much info on them other then they are some Italian /European tire company Google Malatesta koala 4X4 tires and not much comes up. Asking $200 cash/paypal picked up. Or I can meet ya with in a reasonable distance from 19352 PA. Feel free to text me 508/631/2504.

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