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353Xterra's Rig

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Intro Comments: So I never made a post about my Xterra. Well here it is. I've got myself into an Xterra. I'm the 2nd owner, but the first was a Vegas girl who never saw dirt with it. I absolutely love this truck. I'm going from a Jeep Wrangler and for the off road I do and as a daily driver, this truck does everything I need and want. Other than minor modifications I've made to the interior, like adding seat covers I haven't done anything yet. I'm going to need to lift it soon though. The off road trails here in Northern NV are pretty rough. Aired down tires, don't help the clearance either. Its all barely scraping through trails, so 2.5"-3" lift will be just fine. The truck is all stock for now but.....

Username: 353Xterra

Make: Nissan
Year: 2010
Model: Xterra
Trim: Off Road
Color: Super Black


265/75/16 tires LT Toyo AT
HID Off Road lamps (stock) Added some Hella Mciro FF lights (12/14)
Rear Locker (stock)
Removed all mud flaps
Painted all grey plastics flat black
All badges are now the metallic blue color.

Seat Covers with M.O.L.L.E storage
D-shackles in the rear cargo area for added tie downs
Interior/Exterior temperature gauge (12/14)
More dash illumination lights/cup holder lights


I'd post some photos but I not able to upload, and don't have a photo sharing website account.
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