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I would guess approximately 10% of the miles are off-road but 40% of engine running time. While the purpose 50% of the trips are off-road and 50% on road the last few years, from a mileage perspective, we may spend all day on a trail and only cover 15 miles but pre-pandemic I’d drive 45 miles one way down the mountain to work or 45 miles from the suburbs to downtown Dallas. Working from home I typically just drive her to the trail head (highway miles) and then off-road for the day.

a high level breakdown would be:
2006-2009 2-4 days a month of off-roading in PA
2009-2018 2-4 days a month of off-roading in TX
2018 - Present 10-15 days a month of off-roading
Oh nice, hopefully I could get that much on my mine. Thanks
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