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3 Good Things about the Xterra and 3 Bad?

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I'm curious about getting an Xterra for my kids, always liked them, but never pulled the trigger. Now I'm into wheeling and this is an option for my kids in the way of price. What are some things that make the Xterra better than the average vehicle and what are some things I need to watch out for?
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I’ve got an ‘09 off-road 4x4 with rear locker.
Bought at 102k miles. Currently 175k

1. I like driving it everyday to work
2. I’ve never gotten stuck. I’ve driven it everywhere I’ve wanted to, haven’t babied it, and it’s never let me down or struggled with anything I’ve threw at it.
3. Relatively repair free. I’ve done above and beyond preventative maintenance, but have never had a no start, break down, broken anything in all the crazy trips my wife and I have taken.

1. It’s small for longer trips.
It takes some strategic planning for a long trip with two people. A truck would be much easier. I’m 6’2” and although I can sleep in the back, which I’ve done multiple times while camping/hunting, it’s cramped.
2. As it ages, it gets beat up. The exterior I don’t care so much. Desert pin stripes galore. Small dents. Wear and tear. That’s all on-going maintenance. But as the interior gets beat up it wears on ya a bit
3. I go back to the size. I really enjoy the turning radius. The short wheel base is nice for maneuvering, but it does suck when packing for a trip or planning to sleep in rhe back

I like it and won’t sell it anytime soon. Although if it broke down I’d just get a frontier
I know how to work in a majority of common repairs and maintenance, and Nissan just affords a discounted off-roading price you don’t get with Toyota.
I have friends that honestly believe “you can go farther in a Toyota”
Well, they’re never able to tag along. I’m always out with my wife in wild places and enjoying ourselves. I’ve never gotten stuck, nor had to worry about any such thing. I take care of the vehicle preemptively and I’ve enjoyed driving and owning the xterra for 5 years and 75k miles. I’ll drive it til the engine blows
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