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3 Good Things about the Xterra and 3 Bad?

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I'm curious about getting an Xterra for my kids, always liked them, but never pulled the trigger. Now I'm into wheeling and this is an option for my kids in the way of price. What are some things that make the Xterra better than the average vehicle and what are some things I need to watch out for?
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1. Size. It's not to big that it's a nuisance to parallel park somewhere, but large enough to haul all my stuff around.
2. Maintenance. I haven't had it for long but it really hasn't given me any issues for being a 12 year old truck.
3. Power. Haven't gotten stuck yet (knock on wood).

1: interior plastic. Seems like the plastic is easily scratched.
2. Accessories. Normal mechanical parts are easy to get but wish more companies made affordable aftermarket accessories for Xterra.
3. MPG. I really can't complain since I knew buying it.
*3.1 The perpetual want to buy new mods just cause it would look cool.
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