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3 Good Things about the Xterra and 3 Bad?

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I'm curious about getting an Xterra for my kids, always liked them, but never pulled the trigger. Now I'm into wheeling and this is an option for my kids in the way of price. What are some things that make the Xterra better than the average vehicle and what are some things I need to watch out for?
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Bought 2009 off road 2 years ago. Changed the radiator myself and had the dealer do the timing chains. Only 115,000 on it now and I love it, so great in the hills going after big bucks and elk here in Idaho, lots of small twisty roads that are much more difficult to drive on with my full size truck. I put 285 patagonia milestar tires with a 2 inch lift on it, super quite and smooth ride, Looks great also. Have fun, pull the trigger.
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