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3" AC BL

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Ok guys,

I have about 95% of the 3" BL done; I should finish tomorrow. How the hell does the steering come apart to fit in the spacer? Beat the hell out of it?

Anyway, I know you'll love pics so here's a few to show height, though, I also have the 2.5 AC coils in the front and the AALs and shackles in the rear. Next will be to figure out wheels and BIGGER tires. :happy7:

Here's a "good" one showing the gap that happens. :tard:
I need to call Jim at Shrockworks about a fix for it and to extend the skid longer to fit.

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Not for me, But it will look pretty mean when you get it done. And it'll be a long time before you get it done. Putting that BL on is only the beginning, man, lot's of fine tuning after that! Keep track of all ya had to do and post it. 3" sure is a lot! Whew! Great picture of the bumper problem, I think Jim has a fix for that. Sure will look mean when you come up on a chipmunk with an extra 3" of Front skid! Yeeeeikes!
That is what he said the dealer said. And most likely cause suspected so far. I wish I had stuck to a smaller size. No problems but I don't push it on the trail. I travel a lot and I go to a lot of Nissan dealers none are aware of a weak Diff, So It must be something we do. Lift, tire size or putting the juice to it at the wrong time going from a free spin to a dead stop on a drop. That's what i have figured from what people say. Large tires would make it happen that much quicker right?

1 - 2 of 31 Posts
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