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3" AC BL

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Ok guys,

I have about 95% of the 3" BL done; I should finish tomorrow. How the hell does the steering come apart to fit in the spacer? Beat the hell out of it?

Anyway, I know you'll love pics so here's a few to show height, though, I also have the 2.5 AC coils in the front and the AALs and shackles in the rear. Next will be to figure out wheels and BIGGER tires. :happy7:

Here's a "good" one showing the gap that happens. :tard:
I need to call Jim at Shrockworks about a fix for it and to extend the skid longer to fit.

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Wow, that 3" gap in the bumper looks bigger than I was expecting.

After what the dealer told me, I don't think I'll be putting on a Body lift, or running anything larger than 33's.
That the 33" tires is what trashed the diff. They said if it blows out again they won't cover it.
Don't wheel it before you get a skidplate. Even with it raised, the radiator is still too low.
Grunzen said:
Muzikman said:
That the 33" tires is what trashed the diff. They said if it blows out again they won't cover it.
That's BS if Nissan made that front diff that weak where a 33" tire would cause it to fail then they are going to have alot of problems down the road because it won't last the warranty even with stock tires.
Maybe, but if they won't warranty my next diff with 33's on it, I'll have to do something and I wouldn't chance larger than 33's. The front diff is weak IMO.
They don't have to give you anything in writing. It states right in the warranty information. ANY unauthorized modification voids the warranty.

If they say 33's are not supported, they can not warrant the repair even if the tires had nothing to do with the problem.
I don't buy into the fact that the size of the tire or even the grip had anything to do with it. I am just afraid that when / if it happens again, I am going to be paying a few grand to fix it.
1 - 6 of 31 Posts
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